Homemade Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream

Looking for something to satisfy your Asian sweet tooth? This homemade green tea is super easy to make and the perfect finish to a spicy meal!


In a bowl, add 4 egg yolks and 1/4 cup of half & half. Mix well.

In a nonstick pan, add the egg mixture and heat for about 10 minutes on low. This makes the eggs safe to eat, but make sure you don't turn the temp up too high or the eggs will start to cook! Make sure you stir occasionally.

Meanwhile, in another bowl, mix 2 tsp green tea powder and the 1/2 cup of sugar together.

After 10 minutes, turn off the heat and add the green tea and sugar mixture to the egg yolks. Stir well until the sugar completely dissolves.

Mix in the remaining half and half. Stir until completely blended and smooth.

Pour the ice cream mixture into a separate container with a wide base and lid. (I used a rectangle pyrex storage container.)

Put in the freezer for about 3 hours.

After 3 hours, mix the ice cream up well, press it back down so it , then place back in the freezer.

Every hour, repeat this process—at least 4 times. This makes the ice cream softer.

Serve & Enjoy!

This will serve 4–6 people depending on your serving size. When serving, I drizzled agave (or honey) on mine and it was really good!

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Nutrition Info

Fat:3 g
Cholesterol:140 mg
Sodium:72 mg
Potassium:191 mg
Carbs:20 g
Fiber:1 g
Sugar:16 g
Protein:5 g