Victory Church Website Redesign

In 2007, while employed at Victory Fellowship Church, I was tasked with the 3rd redesign of their website. Now, 3 years later, I'm at it again. While the previous site was a huge step forward in regards to usability and design, we wanted to push forward even more.

Jon Horton Portfolio: Victory Church Website Redesign image

The church was changing its name to Victory Church, and the goal was to launch the new site, the new domain, and the new name together. We purchased better server space at mediatemple, acquired the domain, better utilized the awesome cms expressionengine, and off we went to make something pretty, organized, and usable.

Brian Saar worked on the new brand & logo, while Sarah Horton helped with rewriting a good portion of the new content. Our main goals were to modernize the design, simplify and organize content in a logical way, and make it easier for people to find what they were looking for. We started out by listing out all of the current pages, and began to group content under new categories that made sense.

During the planning phase, we identified 3 groups of people that typically visit our site: Visitors, Regular Attenders/Members, and staff. We put content that new people typically look for under the "New Here" section. To provide an in depth look at what the church had to offer to existing attenders, we grouped content under "Next Steps." The remaining main navigation links contain content that all users access regularly, including ministries, resources (audio, video, photos, and articles), and ways to give. Further, we used the footer to provide users with a way to quickly jump to any section when they had finished any page.

In addition, we created a staff section that places a bar across the top of the site with access to various forms and tools such as Purchase Orders, Paid Time Off forms, Event Scheduler, and many other items that staff use on a regular basis.

After the launch, I monitored stats and traffic, and made some adjustments to fine tune the site, and ensure everything was functioning properly. Overall I believe the redesign was a success!

April 13, 2010