Victory Church - New Here Brochure

After completing the Victory Church website redesign, the last part of my job was to create a brochure with the purpose of giving visitors, as well as existing members, an overview of what Victory was about,what programs and ministries they had to offer, and what steps they needed to take to get involved.

Jon Horton Portfolio: Victory Church - New Here Brochure image

For the design, I wanted to go with the theme of the new identity. I focused on using the three main colors found in the logo, and set all of the type in Soho Gothic. This helped keep the entire brochure consistent.

Ending up at 20 pages, the brochure probably contained too much information, but that area was out of my hands. Overall, I believe the New Here Brochure will give anyone an in-depth look at what goes on at  Victory Church.

April 23, 2010