Slowly Going Nowhere #015

Slowly Going Nowhere #015

I was standing there watching traffic drive slowly by while waiting for the fireworks. And even though I already knew this, I realized of the few things in life that I hate: moving slowly.

Moving slowly without purpose is even worse.

Sometimes i feel like i’m always going to be stuck in traffic watching everyone pass me. Then i realize all i need to do is switch lanes and speed up. Or invent a skycar. Or stop talking about design and actually create something.

Hopefully this won’t be another instance of me just talking about things. I’m tired of sitting in traffic.
Here’s to switching lanes.

July 05 2010 · Posted in Daily365 · (1) Comments



“here’s to switching lanes.”
cheers. :)

Posted by Kristine  on  07/06  at  10:08 AM


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