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I am a passionate, dedicated, and self-motivated designer & developer with an eye for detail and a desire to help people. I enjoy creating things and bringing systems to life that enable people to better focus on their jobs.


OnWired Cary, NC

Front-End Developer & Designer November 2010 - January 2012

At OnWired I'm responsible for hand-coding custom designs using HTML & CSS and integrating into ExpressionEngine and Ruby on Rails. I've assisted in implementing version control for our sites using Git and configuring linux servers running Apache & MySQL databases.

I'm especially proud of my development work on Tio, and my front-end experience with Ruby on Rails with We're also working on a super awesome project, but I can't tell you about that just yet ;)

Jon Horton Design - Freelancing Everywhere

Design & Development October 2007 - Present

I've been geek as long as I can remember (It started out with my dad's 386), though I officially started freelancing sometime during 2007. Since then I've been responsible for a variety of projects from business cards, brochures, magazines and wedding invitations to full web design, development and ExpressionEngine integration.

Some highlights of my freelance work are successfully launching the new Victory Church Website site redesign, and ExpressionEngine integration for Lux Salon, and the poster design for Gods of Harvest.

Victory Church Garner, NC

Creative Design & Technology October 2002 - October 2009

During my 7 years at Victory I was responsible for a variety of tasks including Computers & Technology, Graphic Design and Web Development. I primarily handled the design and maintenance of all print & screen materials, including sermon themes, CD series, monthly bulletins, magazines, business cards, letterhead, brochures, marketing items and a whole lot more.

Additionally I installed, configured and maintained their wired & wireless network comprised of 20+ desktops, laptops and a Windows 2003 server. Troubleshooting all aspects of Windows, including Server 2003, XP, Vista, and 7 were also part of my job description. One of my proudest achievements was seamlessly implementing Google Apps and migrating all existing accounts and data from a third party system.

I also oversaw Victory's web presence which included designing and hand-coding 3 iterations of their site and integrating the content management system ExpressionEngine. Some highlights include implementing live streaming audio & video of services; creating several internal systems (powered by ExpressionEngine) to capture purchase requests, paid time off forms, and event signups; and flawlessly migrating their site & MySQL databases from shared hosting to a dedicated server.


E: ExpertP: ProficientC: CompetentAB: Advanced BeginnerN: Novice

Front-End Web Development
  • Hand-coded HTML (E)
  • Hand-coded CSS (E)
  • Grid Systems (960 & 1KB) (E)
  • ExpressionEngine Integration (E)
  • Wordpress Setup/Integration (C)
  • Ruby on Rails Integration (C)
  • jQuery/Javascript (C)
  • Graphic Design & Layout (E)
  • Print Design (E)
  • Information Architecture (P)
  • Typography (P)
Back-End Web Development
  • Ruby on Rails (AB)
  • PHP (AB)
  • Adobe Photoshop (E)
  • Adobe InDesign (E)
  • TextMate (E)
  • Command Line Interface (P)
  • Adobe Illustrator (P)
Additional Abilities
  • Cross Browser Testing (E)
  • Understsanding New Concepts (E)
  • Problem Solving (E)
  • MySQL Database Administration (C)


Mitch Horton Pastor at Victory Church

Jon worked as an employee of Victory Church for about seven years. His technical knowledge and design abilities took us out of the stone ages into the 21st century. My staff and church is fully automated electronically with a vast array of technical helps from inner office messaging, to online forms, to all sorts of electronic media capabilities to enhance each department.

He was the brain behind the transformations we've experienced. Our website is I think one of the very best, and he successfully branded our church enabling us to go into our next phase of growth.

Jon is a thinker and creator. He thinks through every nuance of a project; he is skilled in coming up with creative ideas and then bringing them through to implementation. He would be an great addition to any team. He comes with my highest recommendations.

Robert Williams Finance Director at Victory Church

My association with Jon began in 2003 when I volunteered for the role of Visual Production Leader at Victory Church. While Jon was still a student, he became my creative and staff liaison. Jon's skill and passion for discriminating creativity in multiple visual media was profoundly evident and contagious. It became an absolute joy to be a part of his team. The open exchange of ideas and opinions led to countless highly impactful results in print media, video, photo, projected graphics and programming.

Jon is inherently committed to continuous improvement, whether enhancing, developing or broadening his creative and technical skill set, or his approach to infusing new and fresh ideas into ongoing or legacy programs.

The result of Jon's creative and technical skill is easily evident. All one has to do is visit a website he created, or peruse a publication he designed, or ponder the composition of a photo he took, or examine a business card or brochure he created. Yet for me, Jon possesses another skill that is equally great and exceedingly valuable; His ability to be effective, as leader or member, on a team in pursuit of the best strategies to achieve or advance a visionary goal.

Jon has my highest recommendation. I would find it both personally and professionally satisfying and fulfilling to serve with Jon again.

Bill Rose Youth Pastor at Hope Chapel

I have done business with perfectionists and I have done business with people who smile a lot - but I have never partnered with someone who has both of these qualities ... Jon does!

He produces high quality results and delivers them with a smile. He has a knack for taking an existing concept from raw form and refining it. He transforms substandard ideas into superior products - the best way I can describe it is "creative vision." His work moves me. It seems as if he places himself in his client's shoes and creates a product that is tailored to fit their needs.

Be on the lookout for this guy - his superb talent will take him to great heights.

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